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The October meeting of the Louisville Rose Society will be the fall banquet, October 24 at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will be at Austin's Restaurant located at 4950 US Highway 42, ordering will be from the menu this year.  Please contact Janet Miller for reservations JLM1219@aol.com or 270-533-4849.
The program will be given by our Tenarky District Director, Dr. Sam Jones.  He will show a slide show of his trip with members of the American Rose Society to China.  I am sure there will be some beautiful rose gardens in China.

Some of the top winners of the Louisville Rose Society's rose show that was held on September 20.

Hybrid Tea Queen - Gemini, shown by Carolyn Phelps
Hybrid Tea King - Moonstone, shown by Linda Jansing
Hybrid Tea Princess - Louise Estes - shown by Tom Lehman

Miniflora Queen - Whirlaway, shown by Linda Jansing
Miniflora King - Tiffany Lynn, shown by Carolyn Phelps
Miniflora Princess - Mr. Leonard, shown by Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniature Queen - Joy, shown by Howard Carman
Miniature King - Erin Alonso, shown by Linda Jansing
Miniature Princess - Memphis King, show by Linda Jansing

Large Arrangement Gold - Moonstone, arranged by Mary Ann Hext
Miniature Arrangement Gold - Joy, arranged by Mary Ann Hext

Gemini - photo by Howard Carman

Whirlaway - Photo by Linda Jansing

Joy - photo by Howard Carman

Large Arrangement Gold - photo by Linda Jansing

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The officers & directors for 2014 have been listed on the "About Us" page.






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